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How it works

How it works

Thomas Products

The correct care of your hair and scalp involves a continuing routine of diligence and persistence.  Haphazard care usually results in damage to the hair and scalp. It is important for you to follow a set plan which will not only help to restore the hair to a healthy condition, but which will then help keep it healthy.

 The hair and scalp presents a specialized cleansing problem because its structure forms a natural collecting place for dirt, dust and bacteria. The hair is constantly exposed to airborne dirt, and because the scalp has an overabundance of oil and perspiration glands, dirt, oil, dead skin cells readily mix and for a breeding place for bacteria.  The hair itself is of a “fish-scale” type of construction and tends to catch and hold dust and grease.


The Cleansing Unit

The cleansing unit consists of 2 preparations. Thomas Formula 88 and the Thomas Shampoo.  It is absolutely essential that both preparations be used in order to affect a complete job of cleansing the hair and scalp.


Formula 88

Formula 88 can be classified as a solvent. It is especially formulated and designed to loosen dead skin tissues on the scalp and to completely remove any traces of chemical accumulations on the skin.  Since we are primarily concerned with residual accumulations of sebum or human oil, it is apparent that a solvent must be employed that will effectively break down and remove these oils without causing any drying action.  Many chemicals agents or detergents are excellent oil solvents but they also have the adverse effect of removing all the oil from the hair and scalp causing a dry condition.  The Formula 88 has a heavy oil base. The principle employed here is that oil is mixable with oil. The solvent properties of this formula are successful in breaking down residual oils, yet it leaves sufficient lubrication of the hair and scalp.  Formula 88 is also water soluble and produces no lather. Essentially it is a deep-pore cleanser capable of removing impurities and plugs from the follicles.



The Thomas Shampoo is a high protein soapless shampoo. Its purpose is to cleanse the hair and scalp of dirt and residue. To achieve this our laboratories developed a soapless shampoo with an almost perfect balance of alkaline and acids.  Chemically it is composed of a condensation product of protein derivatives combined with fatty acid radicals of a high molecular weight, mixed into a glycerin base.


 After the use of Formula 88 and Shampoo the scalp will be hygienically clean and will readily absorb the following treatment formulae. These two preparations tone up the scalp permitting it to “breathe” freely, all of which is conducive to a healthy and luxuriant hair.

 It should be remembered that frequent cleansing daily will help the hair and scalp.  This cleansing procedure will aid in keeping the scalp antiseptically clean.


 Formula TX

 The Tx is a natural scalp stimulant. The counter irritation of this formula on the skin tissues aids in the activating the circulation of blood to the areas it is applied.  The peripheral circulation is most important to the hair on the scalp.  TX will provide the scalp with this extra circulation.



 Oxyborniol plays an important role in helping correct abnormal scalp conditions;  Oxyborniol is an antiseptic/astringent lotion which has germicidal value and does not leave the hair and scalp in a dry state.  It revitalizes impoverished hair because it stimulates the natural process of the scalp to a greater activity. Its daily use helps prevent the formation of oil plugs in hair follicles. The hygienic value of Oxyborniol when used together with the cleansing unit, assists in keeping the scalp clean and free from bacteria all day. 


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