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Thomas solutions are very powerful and effective.

They should only be used as directed and are for external use only. Avoid getting into eyes or mucus membranes. Rinse eyes thoroughly if solutions make contact with eyes. Stop use if any irritation occurs. If irritation persists consult a physician.

Store at room temperature and KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

First Time Users

For hair thinning and hair loss prevention most clients experience rapid results. Dandruff and scalp issues should clear up within a few treatments. Nevertheless, as results can vary depending on many factors, we recommend four months of use for noticeable results for the largest amount of users.

At a minimum, we recommend buying the Formula 88, Shampoo, Formula TX and an applicator bottle. For maximum effectiveness purchase the Oxyboniol.

Step By Step Instructions

For best results use products daily in the morning and after physical workout or activity to ensure the scalp remains clean. Avoid using any other hair products such as gels or hair sprays that can clog the hair follicles.

Step 1

After wetting your hair, apply Formula 88 to cover your entire scalp.  Apply the product directly to the scalp by applying the nozzle of the bottle to your scalp. Massage in with your fingertips and allow it to penetrate for 30-90 seconds. Wipe off any drips and ensure it does not go into your eyes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Step 2

Apply Thomas Protein-Enriched Shampoo.  Ensure to create a thick lather. Leave shampoo in hair for a minute or two. Rinse.

Step 3

After exiting the shower or bath, towel dry your hair. Fill the applicator bottle ½ to ¾ full with Formula TX. Apply directly to the entire scalp.  Allow the product to penetrate the scalp and massage with fingertips. Wipe off any drips and ensure it does not go into your eyes. Towel dry any excess and allow remainder to evaporate. Formula TX stimulates circulation and can be used as a standalone product. 

Formula TX is a stimulant and accelerant. First time users may experience powerful tingling sensation for a minute or two after application. 

Step 4

For maximum effectiveness use Oxyborniol. Fill the applicator bottle ½ full with Oxiborniol. After TX has evaporated apply directly to the entire scalp. This product lathers slightly, hence avoid shaking the bottle. Towel dry any excess.  Oxyborniol may also be used as a standalone product and doesn't need to be used in conjunction with the other products.


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